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Tapered Threaded Inserts

Tapered Threaded inserts are fastener elements, which are used in a place where threaded holes are required and are used regularly for fastening purpose. These type of threaded inserts are suitable for soft materials, which require durable threaded holes. These inserts may also be known as Metal inserts or Threaded inserts depending on your industry or geography, but functionally all inserts are used to affix enduring & reusable threads for fastening purposes.

Tapered Threaded Inserts Long
Tapered Threaded Inserts Long Drawing
Tapered Threaded Inserts Short
Tapered Threaded Inserts Short Drawing

Why Brass Tapered Threaded Inserts?

  • Machining Free Cutting Brass is 45% efficient than machining any of the 300 series Stainless Steel, this brings down the cost of the product.
  • Higher thermal conductivity of Brass, means faster heating and easier installation in plastic parts.

Strength Factor for Tapered Threaded Inserts

Resistance is the key strength factor in case of inserts, Pull-out & Torque-out are the two parameters to judge inserts.

  • Pull-out: It is the force required to pull the insert out of the parent material.
  • Torque-out: It is the amount of torque required to turn the fastener without inducing any clamp load on the fastener.


Knurling is the metalworking which is done on the outer side of the component. In case of Brass Insert, knurling plays an important role in increasing pull-out & torque-out resistance. Types of knurling and its benefit are as follows:

  • Straight Knurls: Greatest torque resistance
  • Diagonal or Helical Knurls: Balance resistance in both direction
  • Hexagonal or Diamond Knurl: Most common & offers resistance in all direction.

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